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Frequently Asked Questions

" Dog Reiki " or " Canine Touch "
Fiona Stewart (Author and Reiki Master)

Dog Reiki - What is it? Where did it originate? Reiki for dogs

"Dog Reiki - I created the 'Canine Reiki Touch' concept to meet a need where dogs and people were asking me to give ' dog reiki ', my 'Canine Reiki Touch is unique in that it combines a highly pure form of reiki energy with angel rays which potentiates its benefits and enjoyment for the dog; it fits alongside Tactile Touch which is quite different for Dogs/Horses. Dogs just love my reiki combined with angel energy sessions. Reiki healing is commonly used worldwide in people, even UK NHS hospitals and sometimes horses, so far rarely with dogs. Reiki tends to find you, a dog or person feels a strong sixth sense feeling that they just need it and want to receive it. If you read this information and feel that way, then get in touch, you may benefit from it. Personalities on TV often talk about energy and again uses energies in their work. We all have healing energy in our hands, some more developed in others, Reiki is unlike any other healing energy as enables free passage of the Universal Life Force Energy or Chi. Without the life force, we lose our life, so conversely the sicker the living thing is, then the less life force energy it has. Canine reiki touch (Dog reiki ) is like a love stars energy force for our soulmates - dogs! Reiki is thought to be a lovely energy force of rainbow helical light that links to the Pleiades constellation and to the mythical ancient times even Atlantis. Visual examples of dogs receiving reiki by Fiona Stewart, Dog Reiki Master are shown in the gallery at the end. Adding angel is another dimension that benefits the dog, a few dogs seem to be able to not only feel, yet can see or track the angel presence in the room even with their eyes smiling, or start wagging their tails watching some unseen beautiful presence. Fiona also uses her Reiki master teachings and guardian angels' support to aid channelling her writings and the words on Reiki that flow below. This article is ideal for media news stories and especially owners want to know more practical details about reiki. It is not exhaustive and more reiki points will be added over time.

Dog Reiki - How does Reiki with Angel Therapy help my dog?

Dog Reiki is like a higher universal energy, a finely tuned special radio frequency, allowing the animal to reach its own optimum potential health, though it cannot reverse degeneration as such, it can promote an environment for natural healing to take place, for example a strained paw or cut may heal faster, be less likely to fill with toxic infection with Dog reiki. Dog Reiki creates physical, mental and emotional balance, clears toxins, toxic uric crystals in muscles, calms anxiety and over-active neural systems. For competition dogs, Reiki enables the dog to reach a peak energy state with an inner confident calmness that helps optimise performance. Adding angel helps Reiki and other healing energy forces work better for the higher good always.

Why Reiki for people and dogs?

Dogs have an interesting physiology, in that understanding dogs has helped in the development of some medicinal drugs for humans. Some drugs used in Veterinary medicine are similar to smaller doses of adult or children medicine. Some breeds of dogs have been reported in National Geographic Magazine 2008, especially collies to have an intelligent mental ability, similar to a 2-3 year old child. I believe, they may potentially have a similar emotional, stress response too and I am sure many owners would agree with me about the empathy, close relationship, some dogs build with their owners. This means that Reiki can be given by a highly trained Master Reiki Practitioner to dogs who respond beautifully, other forms of hands on healing have reported great success with dogs. The fact, I trained and practiced for my Master Reiki on people as well as my dog who was the most perfect subject, may have been a sign for the future. Dogs naturally come up to and approach me for reiki too.

Dog Reiki - How I Teach owners to give a loving dog touch - dog reiki

Dogs are better patients than people, in that they know exactly how much they want and when they have had enough and walk away satisfied. Dogs don't need verbal supportive counselling, just the energy. A dog's progress, unconditional loving responses and facial expressions are so rewarding, not draining or negative for the practitioner, so I switched to dogs. The reiki session is about energy, helping the dog and dog's enjoyment, once the session is ended that is it. Dog Reiki applied by a dog reiki master or a weaker form of healing energy from an owner, can only work alongside an effective diet, exercise and lifestyle for the dog. When the owner is willing, before I depart, I quickly teach owners to apply a kind of healing energy touch stroke to their dogs at specific points. This is both relaxing and beneficial for the owner and the dog, both become less stressed at the same time and helping a more unconditional loving bond to form. Dogs are often sensitive to the owner's energy, which is often linked to everyday stresses, financial worries, family and relationship ups downs and even breakdown.

Dog Reiki - I believe Owners develop like their dogs or viceversa

An owner giving a calmer loving touch can create a calmer well-balanced dog. You cannot fool a dog, as you give off subtle body languages, pheromones and hormones that tell a dog how you are truly feeling. A close relationship with a dog means you can be in tune or like soulmates. Unless a qualified vet has identified a specific condition or temperament disorder, or we inherited a rescue dog's past conditioning that we are working with, we often create, contribute to our own dog's behaviours. There is a saying that you may look or behave just like your dog. My own dogs are highly intelligent, have an unusual calming presence and are slightly mystical wolf-like as well as being highly trained working collies.

Dog Reiki- Is it just dogs that benefit from Reiki?

All animals can benefit from Reiki, because the dog physiology has similarities to a person and being a dog owner, this is where I focus and feel I can contribute most. Wolves, hawks, deer and ducks have also benefited from my reiki touch or non-contact touch in the case of wild deer, when a young deer, I saw regularly out on walks ran down the hillside towards me with a gouged side injury, far from his parents, for healing from one foot away as his parents watched anxiously afar. Another hawk training day at a British hawk sanctuary, the hawk made his best progress ever and was much calmer. I did initially want to become a vet as a child, however being slightly allergic to cats and horses, meant this was impossible.

Dog Reiki - How does Canine Reiki Touch happen?

A Master of Reiki simply placing hands on the subject, in this case a dog and lets the reiki energy channel flow, it is simple for a master to switch reiki on or off, select certain energies and ancient symbols to apply that energy effectively while gently stroking or lightly massaging the dog. I am a qualified Reiki Master, Psychologist and Biochemist. I believe reiki balances the emotional, immune and neurological system to work at a calmer optimum. Dogs are very intelligent and highly sensitive, many pick-up, absorb our everyday stresses, making us feel better, as research shows that people benefit from being around dogs, however sometimes the dog can accumulate the energy stress.

Is Dog reiki or Canine Reiki Touch, complementary therapy?

Any health related field in people and animals can be viewed as complementary. Reiki in animals my view does not constitute complementary therapy, because it is a just a natural energy flow, merely a touch, a natural hand stroke and the dog walks away when has had enough and the owner can be quickly taught to do it to a lesser degree too. We all have a form of natural healing energy in our hands, a few of us like Reiki Master have a more attuned gift. The beauty of reiki is you can never channel too much white light energy as what is needed is taken and what is not goes back into the universe. This means the dog cannot get a toxic adverse reaction or overdose on Reiki. The dog loves to receive the energy and then walks away.

Different types of Dog Reiki and Human Reiki training and energies out there

There are also different forms of Reiki energy out there for people, some are far weaker, diluted and less effective than others, the training I had is one of the most pure recognised forms of energy about sixth generation from the original master who created the Reiki movement for People in Japan in the 1920s, as you can only receive the Master Reiki training from another master passing on the ancient knowledge. Pure Reiki lineage of original energies and symbols from original source handed down from Dr Usui-Dr Hayashi-Madame Takata-(William Rand and others like) Allan Sweeney-Ghislaine Reynolds-Fiona Stewart, visit for details on Allan Sweeney's outstanding contribution to reiki. Ancient origins of Reiki for People I suspect Reiki, it is much older and originally comes from the ancient secrets known thousands of years ago in the mountains of Tibet and Buddhism, because it talks about chakra energy centres and sacred geometry healing symbols, which are only taught to Reiki Masters. As far as I know there is no Dog Reiki Training School, its not the same techniques as the popular Canine Tactile Touch being taught across the UK. Perhaps one day, I will create one. I think there are a few horse reiki trainer practitioners.

Dog Reiki - How do I know my dog can benefit from Canine Reiki Touch?

Initially with my hands, I scan the dog by running them along the body like a long stroke, sensing for any energy imbalances, often which I feel as a kind of energy heat or coolness or sixth sense relate to, occasionally see black lines where past injury or future injury may enter. The hand scan may pick up weaknesses, underactive or overactive in the aura (energy field) surrounding the dog, which if not healed could let in future energy or stresses. I may conclude that your dog is well balanced, has no stresses on the aura field surround it from the tip of nose to paw and doesn't really need reiki even. However, it's a great health check, we all love to know that we have passed the MOT. I believe that the dog like the human has seven energy centres in the body, plus the ears which are a debatable eighth energy centre and used in acupuncture for example, which are all very receptive, each relating to potential imbalances. One to three energy centres imbalanced can lead to a stressed out dog. Lower body energy centre imbalance may relate to a perceived lack of grounding, instability, abandonment, lack of confidence or being over bouncy, growling at others masking insecurities by the dog. Higher energy centres reflect to ability to receive love, communicate emotions, and connect to a higher mission, for example training or competitions or boredom through lack of extra training. I say perceived because you may be a very loving owner, yet your dog has not fully come to terms or healed from past moving around a lot as a puppy or being abandoned and rescued, or doesn't like you being away working all day or for days at a time even in a loving ideal dog home. It's the dog's perception that counts, a dog may need more contact, touching, stroking on certain zones of the body than one would expect or more mental intellectual stimulation of higher centres. Another dog may be becoming overstimulated by activities it enjoys or unable to switch off and calm down. A calmer more balance dog, my own dog Rousse now is for example, less ball obsessed, has less fear of the toy disappearing and more willing to share its toy with the owner, rather than gripping or tugging it away to a safe place.

Dog Reiki - How do stresses affect my Dog's energy?

Past or current stress from the environment or body weaknesses can accumulate and effect well being, emotional balance and even create zones susceptible to injury. A weak second or third energy centre can lead to allergies, sensitivity to diets, malabsorption of food and ineffectual digestion and irritable bowel syndrome. I have actually detected through scanning weak centres, and then questioned the owner who then relates to the above. Just like people, some dogs benefit from a loving rub, massage and even meditation as receptive to the alpha-state of meditation and some relaxing music or types of classical music. Usually chatting with the owners reveals a past history that relates to each centre. Helping the dog to relax more and be more balanced helps adjustment to what are inevitable everyday occurrences like you being away. Some dog owners have been amazed that my hand scanning analysis matched the past history of their rescue dog or current lifestyle, before revealing all. Another owner, who had such a beautifully balanced and behaved collie, apart from one energy centre and corresponding skin allergy on the body, I was mystified until the owner revealed being away from time to time without the dog, and was amazed at how relaxed, chilled out and happy his dog was while receiving reiki and that he was usually far more lively. Due to change of owners and abandonment, rescue dogs often have an over-attachment to objects and new owners. Reiki can help relax the dog overall, and also the second centre, once this relaxes enables more normal attachment and separation coming and going each day to occur more happily. Sometimes this can take months or years though to relax, depending on how traumatised the dog was. However after a few months, the dog may relax to just a little protest at your departure and then settle down while you are absent. I can return to my own rescue dog, Rousse, and know what kind of time, he had while I was absent, just by scanning and touching certain centres, and I can tell how well he is coping. Giving energy to Rousse's separation anxiety centres, reduces the build up of energy stresses and makes his life more enjoyable, as well as his favourite treat puzzle balls to play with while I am absent, often he sleeps, while I am gone as worn out after an earlier session of exercise or training or playing with other collie dogs. Other owners have reported this beneficial for their dog too.

Dog Reiki - How can Canine Reiki Touch benefit Dog Agility?

Agility to put certain dog breeds in touch with their natural working, moving instincts. It helps the dog and owner to become fitter in a nation of overweight, underexercise, overstressed and understimulated people and dogs. It helps connect up the muscles and neural centres, creating a sharper smarter moving and thinking owner as increasing reflexes and hand, feet, body co-ordination helps ability. Dogs are like people, no matter how much they love their agility sport and competing they can over do it, or be a little under the weather and off colour. If the dog becomes overtired or competes too much, some working dogs don't know where their limits are and keep going until they drop, energy centres can become tired, drained or over-stimulated. This is when a head to toe reiki session, rebalances all the energy centres. Agility jumping is like show jumping for horses and is an impact sport, where the front paws touch down first; this can work the shoulder muscles hard. A loving rub or reiki after a run or competition day can protect and balance the shoulders and front legs from later injury. Reiki helps to maintain physical, mental, emotional balance, maximising competitive achievements and enjoyment. Most dogs are addicted to agility; however today it is a fast-moving active sport and like any sport can incur a few minor injuries to the dog or owner over say a decade of competing. Alternatively, slightly tired or imbalanced, the dog then later strains or sprains a paw later on a favourite walk. Twisting and turning tightly and fast on agility courses can put strain on the spine and lower regions, again balancing those key energy centres is beneficial to protect before and after a run. A loving energy little massage or reiki before a run on certain energy centres can help calm, focus and balance the dog. This helps the dog to listen, watch follow the owner more carefully, so performing at an optimum in a moment in time. A dog barking excessively, jumping up and down cannot optimise the connection to the owner handler.

Dog Reiki - What can I do personally to help my dog as an owner?

I also show owners which points on the dog's body needs more ideally daily or a few times a week touching, stroking, along with loving thoughts or a gentle stroke massage. Although this is not as effective as Reiki, small repetitive actions are helpful to the dog; the owner normally notes progress after a week or month. Feedback is that this often benefits the dog's relaxed well being and enhances performance in competitive dogs, training and competition. This means an owner can benefit from a single meeting or 1-3 reiki sessions in the dogs home, then top-ups if wanted as the dog is often reported to have an extraordinary loving relaxed response with me. Sometimes just one encounter/chat on the agility course grounds, on a walk or even at the local pub is enough, as helping the dogs is key to my heart. The dogs often seek me out, may come running across to me, can I have reiki please. The most embarrassing was standing, watching a beagle in agility competition, I was nowhere near the agility ring fence and he became transfixed fell in love with me, according to everyone and romped right across the agility course up to the fence, deaf to his owners commands to come back. I think some dogs can see the reiki energy around you, animals have no barriers and its unconditional, I just want it the dog goes. I think the dog wanted Reiki, but its own was in mid-competition flow, not the time or the place.

Dog Reiki - Can I Reiki several dogs or is Reiki best given to one dog alone?

When reiki is given to one dog, if others in the room, they may come up for some too. Collies can stare fixated at a space near the Reiki Master, perhaps they can see or sense the energy waves and they want some too, they can tell the difference between normal stroking and a serious reiki session is going on. Lets go guys and get some of that reiki energy too, I am now surrounded closely by four dogs. It is best to give canine reiki touch to one dog alone at a time, in a quiet relaxing place, on the floor, settee, their bed, by the car or in an agility ground area, as they may momentarily go into a sleepy state. To be interrupted is likely to generate a startled or even grouchy and snappy response, just as we would be, if someone wakes us with a start from a beautiful dreamlike state by jumping on us or pokes a paw or large head in. Some people having reiki report a slight electrical tingling, cold or warm sensation, whatever the dog can feel, it bring a smile to their face and is highly enjoyable! The dog has less barriers than people, so once is used to it, just lets it flow!

Dog Reiki - Which dogs benefit from Canine Reiki Touch?

Reiki should be applied to reasonably healthy, fit dogs, as like people medical conditions or physical injuries should be referred to a vet, special behavioural issues to a specialist. Emotional problems, stress reactions, tension, hyperactivity, anxiety and difficulty in relaxing and chilling out, strains, cuts, long term weak spots after operation healing, aches, arthritis, digestive issues, some allergies are ideal for reiki. A past, repetitive weakness like a strained paw or patches of arthritis or stiffness, old age aches can respond well. Food digestion, absorption issues, allergies may respond. Reiki can bring a natural pain relief to general aches, aging and past site injuries, enabling the dog to stretch and move about in a more natural way, raising energy resources and vitality with more zest for everyday life or interest in environment or toys. Aging dogs over ten years old, may find a new energy for life, behaving in a more youthful way, suddenly more interested in toys of an evening instead of falling asleep, bounding around a little more, moving more naturally and easier with a younger gait. Obviously reiki is not going to reverse aging symptoms or an ongoing medical condition, however, I have found it may ease it and make the dog happier. Dog Reiki can be ideal for some rescue dogs to help ongoing development, which are often traumatised broken hearted or confused by separation, anxiety and loss of previous home owners. It may be possible like with people to release emotional trauma blocks in dogs. With my own collie dog, Rousse, I'm sure tears welled in his eyes after a healing session. Dogs which compete can often get overexcited and hyped up by the arena, other excited dogs and then in that state cannot listen or follow their owners commands clearly. Whereas a well balanced relaxed dog with an edge of excitement tends to perform in agility far more competently, queues more quietly with other dogs. A dog in this kind of mood or state of mind and is generally more sociable in a charged environment which many agility dogs love, as will try to drag their owners to the agility ring and into it before their turn, given half a chance. All dogs can regress back to previous states of being, so it is important to add a loving touch to sensitive centres to your daily routines and maybe consult a Reiki Master for a top up service now and again.

Dog Reiki - How do I know my dog is receiving reiki?

The response often varies, the dog relaxes, may physically slump or lie down, initially there may be a little resistance to relaxing as tense. Others their eyes half close, then fully and some go into a deep alpha state of relaxation like meditation. The ears may flatten; the head fur seems more rounded. Some turn over onto their back, exposing their belly and gently move their paws as if in some kind of slow dream walk. The dog will let you know if they like reiki, because when you move your hands away, they move towards you, wriggle to get your hands touching them. My own dog, Rousse who has had Reiki since I first rescued him to get over his traumatic time, anxiety separation, and to optimise his agility competitions, exhibits all of the above. If I give myself Reiki, my dog, Rousse is ready, waiting next in the queue for his turn. Once they have decided they like it or got used to the sensation of reiki, the most accomplished ones come running up to you, when you arrive, pushing the part of their body that they would like your hands to touch. Even in situ, some dogs will wriggle or move round to get your energy and hands to the part that they want it on. When the dog has had enough reiki, the dog will simply move away. Some wag tails, go and lie down elsewhere. Dogs also smile at you, beam a golden look at you, as if you are their favourite treat or toy or person. Often after the dog has had more than one reiki session, it totally relaxes very quickly as if knowing that to do so maximise the reiki energy, so can momentarily go into a sleepy state, a beautiful dreamlike state with a blissful calm body and face.

Dog Reiki - Can Reiki be used to help aggression or biting?

You truly need a specialist for specific behavioural issues, who is highly trained and qualified in these specific areas. Reiki can be the next step alongside your training programme, along after a behavioural specialist has worked for several months to successfully reduce or overcome very difficult behaviours, aggression, and instability. The dog has made progress with the specialist and now accepted different people as friends, however maybe still a bit tense, needing a little relaxation. The dog needs to be able to accept the hand touch of a stranger, without nipping or biting the reiki master. Dogs are like humans, they don't like all people and reiki should be natural and not forced. If the dog doesn't like being touched or strangers around or doesn't like the reiki master, it will not relax enough to allow the reiki energy through, so there is no point. The calming influence of reiki is beneficial to inducing a calmer state, perhaps for long term benefit the owner needs to become a Reiki I, II or master??

DDog Reiki - What type of dogs benefit from reiki?

All dogs can benefit from reiki. However, it does need to be possible for the reiki master to quickly build an initial bond with a receptive dog who tolerates and likes people, otherwise reiki finds it hard to penetrate a blocking unwanting auric field surrounding the dog. In which case, limited reiki may be given through a cage as if the dog wants it will turn towards reiki rays, smile or even move closer to the wire or perhaps distant healing is best at about 10pm when the dog is naturally sleepy and relaxed. Consultations are best with normally accepting dogs. Current case studies currently include border collies, merle and lassie collies, working sheepdogs, labradors, retrievers, jack russells, terrier crosses, aussie shepherds, small cross breeds with notable results in irritable bowel syndrome, food reabsorption, arthritis aches,pain and mobility; temporary leg aches inflammation; increasing liveliness in old age, calming anxiety, cut paws healing and calming performance with lucky reiki rub before an agility competition run, with a certain amount of success in aiding rehoming anxiety separation (though this is always a longterm issue) and more.

Dog Reiki - Veterinary Treatments and Reiki

I prefer to work in the post-stages of veterinary treatment recommendations because reiki is not a diagnosis or medical treatment: the highly qualified vet always knows best. When the dog has moved on towards owner follow-up care, physiotherapy and acupuncture for example, as the Vet treatment has done its main role and the reiki with angel energies because always acts for the highest good and is noninvasive/ noninterfering can help alongside other treatments. Sometimes the situation is puzzling and maybe reiki can help ease aches, pains or uncomfortableness or raise aura strength so a positive solution or next step then comes along out of the blue. Although distance reiki can be sent to help pre-op, operative and post-operative care as all healing light at stressed times can benefit a situation for its best outcome. However, reiki can not reverse destiny and will work for the highest good and peace for the dog concerned. Sometimes the dog being able let go of its close guarding protective role and peacefully moving onto the next world without pining, holding on to an owner when seriously ill from personal experience is the best route. People receive reiki on the NHS, so is an accepted form of healing. Reiki and Angel energies can at odd times help to promote a rapid, sudden improvement, as we do not understand about how everything in the universe works, conversely if reiki is not the way forward nothing may appear to happen for a while or nothing happen at all. Whatever is meant to be is meant to be, Whatever reiki will promote the optimum auric field for the best outcome for the highest good always with its rainbow beautiful rays, violet and golden rays being beneficial and making many dogs happy. Sometimes I can see a golden band of light after reiki around the dog, the fur seems to glisten white silver, there is a feeling of peace and a golden light in the dogs eyes, and contrary to popular opinion a deep sigh followed by a large tear has welled out of my border collies eye as a deep emotional release of past trauma memories has been released. Healing of the energy fields helps promote natural healing of the body and allows sometimes an answer or another treatment to suddenly come to light that will treat the actual physical cause too. Out the darkness comes the light and a way forward to solve the mysteries of mental, physical, emotional imbalances or illnesses or eases pains, reduces toxins and brings peace to takeaway a little or much of the suffering where no physical cure can be found.

Dog Reiki - Distance healing Reiki for dogs

It is possible with a photograph and little bit of fur to try distance reiki healing. Once in the past, I had great success with my own dog in a specialist veterinary hospital for two weeks, a hundred miles away. I knew from the vet nurses, it all settled down after seven thirty pm or so, and he was going down hill still on death row, due to physical weakness and stress. They were asking for advice for favourite titbits or behaviours to try liven him up and I suggested fish, cheese and he spent a little more one: one time with the vet nurses as especially liked young women being used to actresses next door helping house sit him if away, if at all possible. They found walking around the dog ward with the young vet nurses perked him up. So I used to transmit reiki with angel energies long distance for fifteen to thirty minutes at exactly 8.30pm. After a day or so, they reported on my stressed dog wanting to settle down at eight thirty, being very relaxed and having a beautiful smile on his face. He was also absorbing his food, very interested in considerately walking around and observing other dog's progresses and making great upward progress daily from death's door, maybe a coincidence? Whatever, it was beneficial to all concerned. Obviously, my own dog was under the specialist and it was my dog. However, a little added help at bedtime to aid restful sleep could do no harm, if the dog did not need the reiki energy connection then it would just dissipate off into the universe. I didn't tell the nurses, his nickname was Dr.Yang, as whenever I had an ailment from a young puppy onwards, he used to lick a half pence piece size red mark on me, I was mystified until I looked them up in an acupressure book as had a strange feeling about them with my general health knowledge and found that they corresponded exactly to ailment symptoms and pressure applied to the spot was beneficial. Rarely, Yang would come up close to my face,a concerned intense look in his eyes and put his nose close to mine, then sniff loudly once. That was it, 12-24 hours later I had flu/heavy cold, he was unerringly accurate. Usually, ethically, the reiki master will have to wait until the professional veterinary specialist care has finished. I did in my own dog pick up an occasional hotspot on the heart area before qualifying as Reiki Master, the vet assured me my dog had to be very sick for heat to be felt there. Three months later a heart murmur was detected which was destined for drug treatment six months later, its best for vets to diagnose conditions in natural course of regular examinations. Amazingly, three years later my merle collie dog, given reiki most days was still drug free, had a radiant glow, charging at top speed through deep sea waves, barely a slightness change of breath at rest, until the end, age eleven years old.

Dog Reiki - How can I prepare my dog for canine reiki touch?

It is important your dog is in an area at home, your car boot or agility show where can feel very relaxed and happy. Ideally your dog is relaxed or has been exercised, wanting to settle down still for a while, otherwise will not sit still enough to receive much reiki. Although it is still possible to scan a dog moving about while greeting you, such as a young puppy aged 16 weeks who had been linked to his new owner, since one week old, which was just so well energy balanced and passed his MOT on the spot. At least one hour after a large meal is ideal otherwise the energies from recent digestion can block reiki. The dog sitting or lying down by your side, on the floor, settee, at your feet, on a favourite bed/blanket are ideal. Settling down chewing a toy or treat are possible settling, sitting still tactics too. Sitting in the car boot at a show or standing by your car, or in a garden or field have all worked too. If the dog does not want to engage, moves away or pushes the reiki master away with a paw, that means not that part of my body please, that's enough now or don't want it. It is instinctive within the dog, I'm either curious to receive or yes please, feels wonderful, please carry on.

Dog Reiki - How can I contact Fiona Stewart, Reiki Touch Master Practitioner for Dog Reiki

You can send an email to (NoSpam) with a note about your dog and what your challenges are that reiki could help. Fiona Stewart lives in rural countryside, UK and has been advised instead of giving it away, to now start charging 2009 onwards for her gift, and sponsor her greatly increased agility competition training needs for border collie rescue, Satorius Rousse. Reiki Master charge 20-40 for initial consultation visit of 0.5-1.5hrs, thereafter 20/half hour session (hands on or distant healing) thereafter, 20-40 for 0.5-1.5hrs follow-up, depending on time and dog needs. 5 for a quickie consultation reiki at a show (in addition, petrol reimbursement to be paid, unless local to area or at an agility area, as Reiki is best in a location that the dog feels relaxed in). I could charge X2-3 times as much as this is often a private 1-2-1 home visit consultation, but have set my rates at NHS rates as per World Federation of Reiki, as wish dog owners to be able to afford more frequent sessions of dog reiki, which dogs love. Rousse features in DVDs for Dogs, in Agility Voice magazine, 2011. Recent with only 3.5 years competing, Rousse has moved up to UKA Champion Steeplechase and is only 2 games points away from achieving UKA Champion performance agility move-up too.

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Giving your dog a bone or a pat is not nearly enough these days, it seems, with a multitude of dog therapies to get their tails wagging.
There are a whole host of places to visit with your pet if you want to treat them to some pooch pampering.

Dog Reiki - Canine Reiki Touch

Our lives are often very busy and stressful and this can have an impact on our pets. Fiona Stewart is a former cognitive research psychologist and a fully-qualified Reiki Master who has used her healing touch to help calm many breeds of dogs from collies, labradors and retrievers to Jack Russells and terriers. "It can be used on any dog provided they are happy to be touched. Often I can be at a show and dogs will actually seek me out for treatment. They will run up to me and brush themselves against me," says Fiona. She says Reiki can help dogs with many conditions including irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety separation, behavioural problems and food absorption. It works by hands being placed gently on the six mains zones of the dog's body. The more a dog needs attention in one area the longer they will let you lay the hands on that area. "The eyes and jaw represent the sixth-sense area which may often indicate a need for higher training or stimulus," says Fiona. "The throat area is for emotional communication. The heart area indicates the ability to show and receive love. Rescue dogs often exhibit a blockage in this area. The solar plexus concentrates on levels of confidence and security. "If there is an imbalance here it can result in aggression or behavioural problems. The lower abdomen and hips represent emotional attachment, and the base or tail indicates how stable the animal feels in relation to their home and owner." Fiona practices Reiki on her own border collie Rousse, who had been traumatised by being left in kennels for months on end before being fostered by Scally Wags dog school and bought by Fiona. "We bonded straight away and through reiki his confidence has returned and he is a much happier dog," she says. Canine Reiki Touch. Contact (NoSpam)

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