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Awarding-winning communicator, marketing advisor, biochemist, cognitive psychologist, international and UK writer / author. Her articles are published in nationals, news, consumer, medical/animal health, psychology, training and women's interest for decades. Awards include Financial Times Business of The Year Award; Prestigious Driver Prize from top UK Psychology University and SPICE Adventure Group Award. Previously held positions of new business development, client services / marketing communications director for Top 5 international or UK blue chip companies/consultancies; past senior management group member. Numerous Marketing Communications accolades for outstanding innovative campaigns with great return on investment. Trained in corporate issues crisis management, photo-journalism and unusual compelling voice for broadcast radio interviews.

Advanced NLP Business Practitioner for corporate who supports conservation development of working sheep dogs, wolves and hawks. Key interests 2006-2012 onwards writing/publishing alongside working as an advisor in marketing intelligence for Digital Media and Financial Services. Fiona Stewart is also Dog Reiki practitioner and writes training feature articles - DVDs for Dogs in Agility - featured 2009 in The Observer Magazine, The Agility Voice Magazine (2009-2012 onwards), Runner-up Supadogs Agility Rescue League Story Award. Fiona Stewart competes UKA champion agility performance and champion steeplechase with Satorius Rousse, her first agility dog rescued at age 2 though has a beautiful BC pedigree, (who has competed for nearly 4 years now), who in less than past 12 months has rapidly moved through Agility KC Grades 1,2,3 aiming for an ideal 4/5 (as now nearly 8 years old) and is a qualifier for future Agility Club 'Starters' Cup.
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